Sharon Saguy
Sharon is a professional Flamenco dancer, member of the Choreographers NGO and supported by the Ministry of Culture. Born in Jerusalem, returned to Israel after having lived 14 years in Spain where she developed her professional career and performed world wide.
Sharon returned to Israel in 2001 and is since then the Director of Duende Flamenco Center in Jerusalem. Sharon is the Artistic Director of the Dance Company of the Center.
Sharon also gives Flamenco classes and workshops at all levels.

Upon her return to Israel Sharon Saguy founded a professional Flamenco company called Flamenco Natural. Sharon has been the Artistic Director of the company for the past ten years and performs as the main dancer of the company.
Sharon also composes for other companies, is the Artistic Director of different shows and is often invited to be a guest dancer in other Flamenco shows.

Being abroad Sharon danced at the top leading Flamenco schools. She appeared nightly in Flamenco clubs (Tablao) in Spain, participated in different Spanish representation groups across Europe, Caracala in Rome, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico and Japan.. In l999 she danced in the Jazz Festival – Sons d'Hiver in Paris. The following year she was invited to teach at workshops and perform throughout France.

Performs and gives workshops in Israel and abroad.

Shows and Performances in Israel
1996-2002 – Solo shows – Guitar Festival, Jerusalem Theatre, Tzavta Tel-Aviv, Suzan Dallal and more.

2001-2002 "The Soul of the Rhythm"
An authentic show embracing song music and dance put together by company members who returned from Spain
after having learnt preserved and performed the gypsy style roots of Flamenco music song and dance.
Artists joining the company were Yasmin Levy, Sasson Levy,
Eran Horowitz and others.

2002 " Rose and Knife"
A special production by the Adi Foundation at Suzan Dallal
Center with Yossi Banai,the well-known artist.
Garcia Lorca poems.

2002 – The Philharmonic Orchestra hosted Sharon Saguy and her company with the percussionist Sasson Levy to perform the following choreographed pieces: Ravel's Bolero and Carmen of Bizet. The show was held at the Mann Auditoriom, Tel-Aviv.

2002 – Opening of the Jerusalem International Film Festival – held at the Sultan's Pool - hosting 9000 spectators – dance performance by Sharon.

2003-2004 –El Husseima
A joint tour with the Spanish Flamenco company from Granada.

2002 – Tuti – Dialogue between Flamenco dancer Sharon Saguy and the percussionist Sasson Levy.

2002 – "Yiftach's Daughter"
A performance combining Flamenco and Oriental dance as well as singing and acting – an interpretation of the Biblical story.

2003 – Guest performerat the concert of the Israeli singer Yasmin Levy.

2003 – "In the Language of Flamenco" (Adi Foundation)
a show integrating original Flamenco creations with new styles and innovations.
Sharon created two of the performed works.

2004 "The Winners" (Adi Foundation) – A show dedicated to all scholarship winners over the past decade. Sharon was the Art Director, Choreographer and Dancer in the show.

2004 – Gypsy Romancero – A Flamenco performance by Sharon at Shimon Parnas TV show.

2004 – "Stamping" - Flamenco show/Tap Dance with 20 dancers and a percussionist.

2005 – Tablao Flamenco – Fully staged original Flamenco show featuring 25 dancers and 5 musicians.

2006/7 "Carmen"Co-production with the support of the Adi Foundation/ Collaboration of the Panov Ballet Theatre Company and Flamenco artist Sharon Saguy and her company.
Interesting and innovative version of Carmen performed all over the country for four years.

2008 – Flamenco del MonteA new pure performance with a limited number of musicians and dancers. The show goes back to Flamenco roots through the different styles of Flamenco ("Phallus") in an original and personal production.
Performed at Suzan Dallal Centre, Jerusalem Theatre, Beit Shmuel Jerusalem and more.

Mano a Mano – a colorful, spectacular and exciting show – featuring nine dancers and six musicians. It is a multicultural encounter between dance and music influenced by the special Flamenco rhythm and ethnic roots. Performed at The Jerusalem Theater.

2010 "Tablao Flamenco"A new show where I bring the audience to a meeting of the original Flamenco atmosphere with the present colors and joy. Encounter of lovers and followers of Flamenco with the strong moments of deep Flamenco intimate dialogues between song and dance, guitar and dance – and the ongoing rhythm…
Performed at Beit Shmuel, Suzan Dallal Center, Netanya, Eilat, Shoham and more.

2010 "Red Black Festival"
Sharon initiated and was the artistic director of the Festival.
The festival hosted a variety of Flamenco shows featuring the best Flamenco dancers in Israel and guest-artists from Spain; Premiere performances at the festival under the artistic direction of Sharon and her leading role:

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