Flamenco Repertoire
Performances and Master Classes can be adapted according to needs, location, occasion and audience. Based on requests we can offer a show or event that best fits your needs. You can decide on the number of participating artists; shows can be held in smaller lineups if necessary. We would like to be accompanied by live music on stage. However, if for various reasons, this would not be possible we can run certain shows with playback music. Prices vary depending on type of event, type of show, locations, number of performers and other specifications.

Show created by Sasson Levy and Sharon Saguy
First performance was introduced in 2002

TUTI presnts an original dialogue between the Flamenco dancer Sharon Saguy and the percussionist – cajon – Sasson Levy.
Collaboration between two virtuous artists, on one stage, creating a truly unique language expressed in a special music and dance connection. This dialogue is created with the extensive knowledge and expertise of the pair. It is an art piece voicing moments of tension and energy outbursts next to loaded silence and some happy moments.

Sasson Levy – percussionist, Sharon Saguy – dancer and choreographer. Top Flamenco artists, reside in Jerusalem –after spending many years abroad developing their artistic career in Spain, South America, U.S.A., Europe, Japan, etc.

The duo performed at the opening of the " Days of Flamenco Palm Festival" – Israel - with the famous guitar Master Paco de Lucia.
Duration of show: approx. 20 minutes.

Choreography and dance – Sharon Saguy
Composition and music - Sasson Levy
Producer - Karin Lederman
Lighting and sound - Shuli Oded
Costumes - Nancy Kahmian

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"Tablao" is the Spanish word for the traditional Flamenco club.
In our new Flamenco Tablao show we bring the audience back to the original atmosphere with the colors and joy of meeting other Flamenco followers – experiencing the most powerful moments of deep intimate dialogue between singing and dancing, between guitar and singer and the ongoing rhythm.
Despite the world wide progress in Flamenco in the theatre, the Tablao is the place where we can visualize and remember how it all began.
Duration of show - 75 minutes
Five Dancers and five musicians

Creator - Sharon Saguy
Principal Female dancer and choregrapher – Sharon Saguy
Flamenco dancers – Flamenco Natural
Musicians and co-partners: Eliav Oval – Flamenco guitar, Idan Balas - Flamenco guitar, Yehuda "Shuki" Shviki - Flamenco singer, Yael Horowitz - Flamenco singer, Hagai Leshem - Kajon
Producer Karin- Lederman
Costumes designer –Nancy Kahmian, Momi Gil
Lighting and sound –Shuli Oded

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Collaboration of the Panov Ballet Theatre with Flamenco artist Sharon Saguy and her company Flamenco Natural; first of its kind in Israel.
The show "Carmen" which ran in Israel for more than four seasons was co-produced with the support of the Adi Foundation which supports and produces Flamenco in all its facets for the 20 years.
Both companies, the Panov Ballet and Flamenco Natural, each with its own style, the Ballet and the Flamenco, telling the mythical story of "Carmen" to the sound of George Bizet's composition and Flamenco music choreographed by Israelis Valeri Panov and Sharon Saguy.
Carmen – the eternal triangle love story between Carmen – danced by Anetta Bradin – and Don Jose – danced by Kyril Panpilov and Escamillo danced by Ruslan Budorodokov wih soloist Sharon Saguy who brings the Spanish spirit into the story.

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ALEGRIA VIOLET - Flamenco – Tribal Fusion
Created by Sharon Saguy and Sigal Ziv

Both creators, each with her own style, bring their real life experience to the stage – expressing deep emotions in the stong language of dance.
A fascinating show – expressing femininity and strength of each and both of the creators . Two different styles – The Flamenco and Tribal Fusion on one stage. An impressive show with innovative and original virtuoso set pieces.

The performance is accompanied by live music and world music from various sources. These different styles express meeting of East and West influenced by experience in contemporary dance of the two artists.

Duration of Show - 75 minutes

Main dancers and choreographers – Sharon Saguy and Sigal Ziv
Dance companies - "Flamenco Natural" and "Tribal Lotus"
Musicians – Yehuda "Shuki" Shvicky, Hagai Leshem, Eliav Oval
Producer Karin Lederman

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קרן עדי משרד התרבות והספורט עמותת הכוריאוגרפים תרבות לישראל קרן ירושלים בית שמואל שולי עודד עיריית ירושלים אגף התרבות האגף לאומניות

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   Photos: Eyal Landesman, Oren Drachman, Shira Agmon, Inessa Yemelyanova, Nati Hadad, Nel Brickman, Orit Saar.