Flamenco Natural
Flamenco Natural is a professional Flamenco company performing in Israel and abroad. Flamenco Natural was founded by Sharon Saguy who is the choreographer, artistic director and leading dancer of the company. Sharon established this Flamenco group upon her return from Spain where she spent 14 years and built a successful career as an international Flamenco dancer – embracing the cultural life and working with the best musicians in the field.

Flamenco Natural includes five musicians and five female dancers. All of them spent considerable periods in Spain and have in depth knowledge and practical experience working as professional artists. Today all members of the Company live in Israel but also spend time in Spain and in various other places worldwide working as professional Flamenco dancers.

Flamenco Natural raised a number of shows in recent years – some featuring large number of participants. Sharon's guiding principal in creating original contemporary Flamenco is based on deep knowledge and respect for the rich and ancient tradition of Flamenco, accompanied by live traditional music – the spirit of Flamenco.

Sharon works and creates since her return to Israel. Sharon embraced the art of Flamenco learning from the most experienced and authentic artists in Spain. She performed for many years as a professional dancer along-side with top professional dancers in Spain.

Sharon feels the need to create, using live music, maintaining the spontaneous expression – allowing the art to be improvised at moments, planned and structured at other moments. This freedom on stage allows the performer to create something new every day without fear of breaking the perfect structure –the life.


קרן עדי משרד התרבות והספורט עמותת הכוריאוגרפים תרבות לישראל קרן ירושלים בית שמואל שולי עודד עיריית ירושלים אגף התרבות האגף לאומניות

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   Photos: Eyal Landesman, Oren Drachman, Shira Agmon, Inessa Yemelyanova, Nati Hadad, Nel Brickman, Orit Saar.