Duende - Flamenco Dance School
"Duende" – City center for the art of Flamenco.
The center offers a variety of classes, workshops, lectures and master classes throughout the year.

Sharon Saguy came back to Israel after 14 years in which she danced and created with the world's best artists and established the Centre for the Art of Flamenco "Duende", with the Division of Arts of the Jerusalem Municipality.

"Duende" is one of the best Flamenco schools in the country.
The students learn from the best dancers and musicians in the field. The panel of dancers and musicians include Sasson Levy – one of the best Kajon percussionists.

Sharon Saguy is the Artistic Director – dancer and choreographer who brings with her a rich and varied professional experience after performing in Israel, Spain and around the world.

In "Duende" we believe that Flamenco is a way of life, not just a dance or music lesson. In order to understand the essence of Flamenco you need to explore the whole magical world of Flamenco – that is why we built the Duende conservatory – a home for all Flamenco lovers.

"Duende" is a leading Flamenco center for years. People who are drawn to the world of Flamenco come from all over the country to study and have become professional dancers and musicians.
The center provides its students with the very best Flamenco training in music, dance and singing suitable for all levels and ages. Sharon Saguy can be invited to teach Master Classes and give lectures and performances throughout the country.

List of Master Classes:
  1. Performance and lecture
    Flamenco show accompanied by stories from the world of Flamenco.
    Explanation and demonstration of various accessories used in Flamenco dance such as the fan –abanico, the scarf-manton, and the castanuelas.
    Demonstration of different types of dance costumes, the differentiation between male female and couple Flamenco dance.
    Learning the special Flamenco beats-compas, rhythmic clapping-palmas ,and the distinctive arm and hand gestures.
    Sharon who brings with her real life stories from her professional career and years of experience in Spain will introduce you to the world of Flamenco.
  2. Choreography workshop
    The workshop is directed by professional Flamenco dancers and other dance professionals who dive into the wonderful world of Flamenco and provide tools for choreography. The workshop will include learning choreography from Sharon Saguy's repertoire.
  3. Flamenco Rhythm workshop
    A wonderful opportunity to experience music and rhythm exposing the dancer to rhythm in a way that is both physical and mental.
    The workshop will focus on the structure, rhythmic melodic composition and improvisation. Participants will learn about rhythm –" compas", "palos" and the different styles of Flamenco.
    The workshop is led by the dancer Sharon Saguy and the percussionist Sasson Levy. The two artists are working together for many years creating and presenting high level virtuoso shows with a unique and original style. The workshop includes live presentations of the duo and a live performance of 20 minutes at the end of the workshop.
  4. Women's Flamenco night - Mujeres
    An evening of fun and liberating experience.
    Meeting between Sharon Saguy, a woman, dancer and creator in the art of Flamenco – and a group of women seeking a special evening.
    Suitable for any occasion - Birthday, Bat Mitzvah Bachelorette party – or just an intimate and unique evening.
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